Commercial Retaining Walls

Commercial Retaining Walls


Walk or drive through many commercial areas in the St. Louis region and you will see a variety of impressive commercial retaining walls. The range of retaining walls in this area has several sources. For instance, the change in elevation, the need for good drainage, and the appeal of an attractive place of business result in an assortment of retaining walls. These commercial retaining walls serve various functions and take a wide range of architectural, material, and stylistic forms.

A commercial retaining wall serves the purpose of holding the soil in place and directing or redirecting water flow. However, the means to accomplish these simple requirements often require design and construction expertise.

Custom Design

While there are generally a range of engineering solutions that can address the requirements, every project has its own concerns to be detailed and addressed. Very few retaining wall projects are simply a duplicate of a previous project. Custom design is often required. At the very least, design conditions and project scope must be thoroughly considered.

Of course, finding the best solution, often among many options, at an appropriate price point, is a desired outcome. For instance, many commercial projects can accommodate a wide range of engineered system solutions. We are happy to explore these options with you.

Remember, the primary task may be to hold back the soil. Or, it may be to redirect the water. And, sometimes, it is simply to create a level space. However, the possibilities for hardscaping, landscaping, and adding to the visual appeal by changing elevations is nearly limitless. In addition, designing walkways, raised beds, attractive steps or stairs, stone benches, or accent lighting can transform a space.

While the immediate challenge may be to solve a water or soil problem, the commercial retaining wall project can reclaim unusable ground, and raise the overall appearance and value of the property.

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