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Residential Retaining Walls - St. Louis Retaining Wall Experts

Residential Retaining Walls

Stylish Retaining Wall as part of walkout basement in St. Louis

Residential Retaining Walls – St. Louis Area

Soil Erosion

Residential retaining wall help with preventing soil erosion due to water run-off, by holding soil in place. In many areas around St. Louis, the change in elevation which gives neighborhoods an interesting look, also creates problems with drainage, and not too infrequently with neighbors! A new retaining wall system should carefully consider how it will change the flow of water. In addition, it’s important to be aware of potentially unintended consequences. It provides a sense of relief to know that water will flow into the right areas – not the house, the foundation or the neighbor’s yard.


Residential retaining walls in themselves can be stately, elegant, or attractive. However, it is more than that – when built well they add dimension to your property. A terraced yard for instance. This added dimensional component can add interest and beauty. Even more, it can highlight other aspects of the property – flower beds, gardens, trees, shrubs, walkways, firepits, outside kitchens, ponds and pools. In other words, the retaining wall may do far more than serve a function. As important as that is, it also provides enhancements to the property and often to the property value.

Types of Retaining Walls

Many types of residential retaining walls can be built with outstanding results. Wood retaining walls in some instances are the way to go, often offering a lower cost point, and many times are easier to construct.

Other properties might benefit from natural stone retaining walls, desiring a more natural and organic look. Others might simply need the functionality of a poured concrete wall, possibly with landscaping to complement it.

Still other properties can leverage masonry walls built with care, stateliness, and longevity in mind.

Finally, many home owners are finding great success with engineered block systems. These blocks that fit together are made by many manufacturers. They are fairly easy to use. They have a high customer tested appeal. It’s nice to have options!

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