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Retaining Wall Repair - St. Louis Retaining Wall Experts

Retaining Wall Repair

Excavation of old retaining wall and emergency need for a new one!

Retaining Wall Repair

St. Louis Retaining Wall Experts offers will evaluate and repair your current retaining walls. Can it be repaired? Does it need to be replaced? We can help you determine the solution that best resolves the current problem.

Signs and Causes

Need retaining wall repairs? Over time your existing retaining walls may need some attention. St. Louis Retaining Wall Experts can assist you in evaluating next steps.

A retaining wall often has a lot of unforeseen forces working upon it. Particularly in times of heavy rains or flooding, and in certain clay soil types, the ground pressure and the push against the wall can be severe. The seasonal change in weather in our area causes freezing, thawing, and water run-off, that is difficult for any wall to withstand.

Is the retaining wall cracking, crumbling, tilting, separating, shifting, or even rotting? All of these are common symptoms of a wall that needs repair.

One thing is sure, while walls rarely fail overnight, they also never repair themselves. Time and its accompanying forces have a way of moving the wall toward greater and greater deterioration.

The reasons for deterioration are myriad – poor design, inadequate reinforcement, a change in soil or water conditions, tree roots, or simply the wearing of materials over time. For instance, wood doesn’t last forever when exposed to the elements. On the other hand, even poured concrete without proper reinforcements, or weep holes can show fatigue. Obviously, a complete wall collapse or failure is possible if the wall is left unattended.

Approaches to Repair a Retaining Wall

In most instances, we recommend repairing the wall rather than replacing it. First, the cost of a removal and rebuild is generally much higher. Secondly, the methods to repair can be quite effective at reinforcing, straightening, and strengthening the wall.

The two standard approaches for repair in our area are wall anchors or a helical tie-back anchor system. Either the wall anchor system or a helical system (a helical tie-back) can be used to reinforce the ailing wall.

The nature of the wall and the type of degradation affects the best choice for repair. Typically, the wall anchor is the most cost-effective route. However, some sites do not allow enough room behind the wall to use an anchor system. In that case, the helical tie-back system may be the better approach.

The pros and cons of these options can be discussed with our team. In either case, it’s important that you choose products that will not only maintain their integrity, but also their appearance over time.

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